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Samsung Samsung Smart 3D TV Replaceable Remote Control- BLACK

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Icons Electronics

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Product details

New Remote Control For Samsung 3D Smart TV. For all samsung smart tv remote control. Compatible with model 2033M, 230MXN, 230TSN, 2333HD, 2RD5141, 2RD5147, 2RD5156, 400CX1, 400CX2, 400CXN1, 400CXN2, 400DX2, 400DXN2, 400UX, 400UX2, 400UXN2, 400UXNUD2, 400UXUD, 460CX2, 460CXN2, 460DX2, 460DXN2, 460UX, 460UX2, 460UXM, 460UXN, 460UXN2, 460UXNUD2, 650MP, 650TS, 700DX2, 700DXN2, 700TSN2, 820DXN2, 820TSN2, 933HD, AA5900316B, AA5900378A, AA5900430A, AA5900481A, AA5900482A, AA5900506A, AA5900559A, AA5900580A, AA5900600A, AA5900601A, AA5910031, AA5910095T, AA5910101M, AH01, BN0700789A, BN5900376B, BN5900608A, BN5900673A, BN5900678B, BN5900687A, BN5900695A, BN5900696A, BN5900700A, BN5900721A, BN5900852A, BN5900853A, BN5900854A, BN5900856A, BN5900857A, BN5900869A, BN5900996A, BN5901041A, BN5901042A, BN5901109A, BN5901134A, BN5901134B, BP5900138A, CH02, CL14B501KJ, CL14C600KJ, CL15K5MN, CL15K5MNZX/GSU, CL15K5MNZX/RCL, CL15K5MNZX/STR, CL17M2MQ, CL17M2MQZX/GSU, CL17M2MQZX/RCL, CL17M2MQZX/STR, CL17M2MQZX/XAO, CL17M2MQZX/XAP, CL17M2MQZX/XAX, CL17M6MQZX/XAX, CL21A11MQ, CL21A11MQ6XXAO, CL21A551ML, CL21A730EL, CL21B501HJ, CL21B501HL, CL21B850FQ, CL21C650ML, CL21K30M1, CL21K30M16TXAP, CL21K30M16XSTR, CL21K30M16XXAO, CL21K30M16XXAP, CL21K30M16XXAX, CL21K30MQ, 


Key Features

  • This smart 3D Samsung remote control is rugged
  • This is a SAMSUNG smart 3D replacement remote control that will work for all SAMSUNG 3D smart LCD AND LED TV series.
  • This remote control have been pre-programmed already to work with all SAMSUNG smart 3D LED AND LCD TV series. 
  • No programming or setup required. Just put in the batteries and you are ready to go.
  • These are high-quality replacement remote controls, work 100% like the originals 
  • Good Replacement for your broken/damage remote


  • Color: BLACK
  • Main Material: rubber
  • Model: 3d
  • Product Line: Icon Electronics
  • Weight (kg): 0.1

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This product has no ratings yet.

This product has no ratings yet.

Samsung Samsung Smart 3D TV Replaceable Remote Control- BLACK

Samsung Samsung Smart 3D TV Replaceable Remote Control- BLACK

₦ 1,700

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